Graphic and Web Design Portfolio Pieces

Professor Cornelius Ampleforth Label Designs

Label designs for the new Professor Cornelius Ampleforth range launched at Master of Malt. All designs have been hand drawn with a victorian-esque feel to match each quirky madcap concoction. Bathtub Gin collected ‘Best Design and Packaging - Spirit’ award at The Drinks Business Awards 2012.

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Movember Bottle Label Designs for 2009 & 2010

Label designs for Movember, a charity to help raise awareness on men's health and well-being, for 2009 and 2010. A popart effect was applied to photographs of 5 famous connoisseurs in the whisky industry and used on the label.

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Japanese Whisky Shop

A prototype for a new upcoming e-commerce website to sell Japanese Whisky solely. It incorporates two blogs to hold content aboutme Japanese cocktail recipes and also bar reviews. This project was also completed for my final project university in conjunction with clients from a online spirits retailer. Built using HTML, CSS and an e-commerce platform.

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Drinks for Business

A website to hold information about a company that produces personalised wine, whisky and beer labels for businesses, perfect for corporate events, gifts and aid branding. This project was worked on closely with clients and then coded in HTML, PHP, CSS, Flash along with another web developer.

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The relationships of humans to their mobile phones

I created a large image of silhouettes and image icons based on the relationship between humans and their mobile phones for my final major project. I focused on the side where users love and adore their mobile phones as if they were pets. Within the speech bubbles are the image icons of what users regularly use their mobile phones for, such as communication.

I had experimented with different illustration techniques and combined photography with illustration in the final design. Along the project I also draw many pictures realted to people on the phone and based a character on a mobile phone strap. However I did not continue along this path.

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Banner Designs

Two words selected at random were joined together to create different titles from which were used to produce banner images using the technique of merging two images together and altering their properties to create a dynamic effect; in turn creating a new picture that related to the title. Designed in Adobe Photoshop.

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Menu Mate iPhone application design

A design for a new prototype iPhone application that allows users to order takeaways from a touch of a button. Designed for a proposed idea in a business module. Designed in Adobe Photoshop.

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Master of Malt Newsletter design

Master of Malt wanted to start mailing out fortnightly newsletters and wanted two different designs - normal and promotional. The normal one offering different promotions and products, where the promtional one informed readers about new competitions and to promote one main offer. Designed in Adobe Photoshop and created in Adobe Dreamweaver.

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About Freelance Graphic and Web Designer Amy Leung

Hi, my name is Mei Yan Amy Leung and I'm a graphic & web designer with a huge passion for creating beautiful, engaging, and accessible websites. I also enjoy incorporating stylish and cute designs in my multimedia work - welcome to my graphic & web design portfolio. I studied a BA degree in Digital Media at the University of Brighton and graduated in July 2011.

I possess strong communication skills and am able to work in group situations or individually. I’ve worked on projects for small businesses, my studies and even for charities. I am currently employed but am freelancing part-time.

I am passionate about the web, drawing, usability, accessibility and great design. I am also bilingual in English and Cantonese.

Design isn’t just a job for me, it’s something I love doing. Hire me today to see how we can bring your design ideas to life.

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